American Star Itinerary: From Providence. on 22 June 2019

New England Islands. 

Discover the New England Islands filled with customised shore excursions narrated by private island guides and knowledgeable onboard experts. Explore the rich marine history of New Bedford, once known as the whaling capital of the world and the inspiration behind the classic American novel, Moby Dick. While in Nantucket, learn about the island's early history, the popular rose-covered cottage style homes, and popular art community. Visit the many historic towns in Martha's Vineyard, and stop at a local gingerbread house for fresh lemonade and cookies. You will be amazed by the awe-inspiring Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island and the opulent seaside estates along the "Avenue of the Mansions" in Newport. 

This date is a 'Lobsterbake' themed sailing.